Price of used devices soars by 40 per cent


High-value handsets drive up prices paid by recyclers, according to comparisons site CompareMyMobile

The average price paid by mobile recycling firms for handsets has increased from £60 to more than £100, according to mobile phone recycling comparison site CompareMyMobile.

The site claims the results on handsets for May reached £100.60, up from £60 in April last year, based on data from more than 40 recyclers.

CompareMyMobile commercial director Andy Beckett said the rise is down to the number of high-value handsets now in the market, which customers look to sell when upgrading.

The average price spiked at £110 in October, Beckett said, after the launch of the iPhone 4S, resulting in sales of the older version – but dropped again soon after.

Beckett, who was formerly head of online at distributor 20:20 Mobile, said the average price will now remain more consistent, particularly as customers upgrade to new sought-after devices such as the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S III and the impending iPhone 5.

He said: “I don’t think there are the number of phones left in the back of the drawer as there used to be.

“We know the number of iPhones being recycled now and the iPhone 4 is coming up to two years old and still commands a price of more than £200. We always see a spike when a major device is launched.”