RIM ordered to pay £94.7m for patent infringement


Jury rules BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses software patented by  US firm Mformation

RIM has been ordered to pay $147.2 million (£94.7m) in damages to software company Mformation after losing a patent infringement case for its BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

The jury at the US Federal District Court of Northern California decided in favour of Mformation and fined RIM for use of the patented wireless mobility management software on selected BlackBerry handsets sold between Late 2008 and the end of the court case in the US.

RIM is consulting with its legal advisors on whether to appeal on the decision, and in an official statement added: “RIM has worked hard for many years to independently develop its leading-edge BlackBerry technology and industry-leading intellectual property portfolio, and RIM does not believe that the Mformation patent in question is valid.”

Mformation founder Rakesh Kushwaha said: “Mformation created the mobile device management category in the late 1990s and was innovating in this area well before most of the market understood the fundamental importance of wireless mobility management. Our patents are a core part of our innovative products, and are fundamental to the methods used for device management in the market today.”