Lost or stolen phones at Olympics to top 67,000 units


Security firm Venafi says an increase in London’s population by a third will see mobile losses and thefts increase by 17,000 over the two-week period  

Venafi has predicted that an estimated 67,000 mobile phones are likely to be lost or stolen during the forthcoming Olympic Games in London.

Some 50,000 mobile are lost or stolen in the London area over any two-week period it said. During the Olympics, London’s population is expected to increase by a third , leading to an additional 17,000 lost or stolen phones.

Due to the explosion in the number of smartphones and other portable networked device over the past few years, Venafi said this year’s event will see the largest-ever risk of corporate and personal data loss during an Olympic period, with an estimated 214.4 terabytes of sensitive data likely to be lost or stolen.

It said that given an estimated 40 per cent of all mobile devices are smartphones, the risk of data loss and theft during the Games is high.

Venafi vice president of marketing Gregory Webb said: “There’s been an explosion of corporate data available to users from their mobile devices. This is a real danger and one that is often overlooked.

“People don’t consider or take action to protect the vast volumes of information they carry and have internet access to. With the ever-shrinking boundaries between work devices and work-enabled personal devices, lost or stolen smartphones and other mobile devices that fall into the wrong hands place companies and business data at tremendous risk.”