O2 launches Priority Moments Local deals service for SMEs


Independent small businesses can offer O2 customers deals through free web portal

O2 has extended its location-based deals service Priority Moments to cover local, independent small businesses.

Priority Moments, which launched last July, has seen large corporate businesses, such as WH Smith and Odeon, offer O2 customers exclusive deals, saving one million of them more than £8 million to date.

But O2 this week extended this to local businesses ranging from one-man bands to those with between one and five operating locations.

The free service, called Priority Moments Local, will be incorporated into the O2 Priority Moments mobile app.

Businesses, who must be customers of O2, can create deals and propositions using an O2 online ‘dashboard’ portal. They can also view real-time data on the site to monitor how the offers are performing.

Messages are subject to a 24-hour approval period before being displayed. Repeat messages will go up instantly.

O2 approached 400 local businesses to trial the service, of which around 135 are now actively using it. These include restaurants, hairdressers, jewellers and chocolatiers.

O2 wouldn’t discuss targeted numbers of users, but said those that have tried the service to date have reported an increase in brand awareness, footfall and trade.

Priority Moments marketing material has been made available to businesses using the service, but it is not mandatory.

O2 head of Priority Moments Ed Pellew said: “We know flexibility and control is really important to small businesses, so this service gives them the flexibility they need to create moments and offers that work for them.

“It’s exciting for us, as it harnesses the power of digital mobile location-based technology to make their business more visible and grow their business.

“They have the control to learn and understand what works for them and try new things.

“It’s a great way of using technology to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and visibility of their business.”