EE says Ofcom ‘moving in right direction’ with 4G plans


Operator says auction must go ahead quickly, but adds plea to be allowed to launch 4G on existing spectrum this year

Everything Everywhere has welcomed Ofcom’s latest proposals for the 4G auction which are set to be finalised on September 11.

The operator said that while it did not agree with all aspects of the rules Ofcom was planning to use for the auction, it was necessary to move the auction process forward as quickly as possible.

A spokesperson said: “Today’s publication of the 4G auction rules is a crucial step towards bringing  the benefits of faster mobile speeds and better connectivity to Britain, as well as stimulating £5.5bn investment into the UK economy.

“While there are still some elements of today’s proposal which we don’t think are in the interests of competition or consumers, we are pleased that Ofcom is moving in the right direction and we recognise that we need to get this process moving now before the UK falls further behind the rest of the world.”

The operator also used the unveiling of the auction rules to reiterate its plea to be allowed to launch 4G services early on its existing 1.8GHz spectrum.

“The auction is only one step towards bringing 4G to Britain. Everything Everywhere is committed to bringing 4G to the UK this year, and the next milestone will be the regulator’s response to our request to roll out 4G over our existing 1800MHz spectrum without further delay.”