Nokia: BlackBerry business customers are switching to us


Fighting talk from Finnish handset manufacturer after it picks up four B2B contract wins from RIM

Nokia says it is winning business from BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) in the B2B market.

Speaking exclusively to Mobile News, Nokia director of B2B sales for Europe Adrian Williams (pictured) said the firm was “absolutely” looking to capitalise on any ill feeling among customers of BlackBerry, which has announced it will not release any new products until 2013.

Williams also revealed Nokia has signed four “major” contract wins worth “thousands” of Nokia handsets in the B2B space at the expense of RIM.

These include global facilities and service management firm ISS, IT services provider TSG, utilities and infrastructure provider GTC and public sector organisation Salford Council.

Williams declined to provide exact details, only stating handsets included a spread of the Lumia 610, 710 and 800 handsets.

All handsets are connected to O2 direct.

Williams said the increased awareness of Nokia’s Windows-powered devices and access to common office services such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Sharepoint and Office 365 are now making BlackBerry users think twice about switching manufacturers at the point of upgrade.

Williams said: “The common theme with all of these contract wins is we’re replacing BlackBerry within their business.

“We had heard from customers in the market that they were looking to move away from BlackBerry within their business and have seen that we have a very compelling offer which really helps to support that.

“Business customers are seeing the Lumia device range as a very strong way forward for them because the native productivity solutions come straight out of the box, such as Microsoft Office products like Word and Excel.

“Many customers, like most businesses, will already have made significant investments into the Microsoft ecosystem. What we’re doing is opening up that investment to their mobile fleet.”

A full report on Nokia’s recent partner event features in issue 519 of Mobile News.