Underwood-Lea declared bankrupt


Former Fone Solutions director and wife registered bankrupt on July 31

Former Fone Solutions managing director Nick Underwood-Lea has gone bankrupt, along with wife and business partner Emily Underwood-Lea.

The couple were registered bankrupt on July 31 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne County Court.

The bankruptcy is understood to be partly due to unpaid debts for mobile stock.

In June Underwood-Lea pulled out of a court case in which his former business partner Tony McDonagh was accused of trying to blackmail him over up to £80,000 McDonagh claimed he was owed.

As a result the case was dropped by the prosecution, who decided to offer no evidence.

McDonagh subsequently told Mobile News he intended to pursue Underwood-Lea for the money he says he is owed.

Vodafone Platinum partner Fone Solutions was terminated by operator in 2010 after a number of shareholders withdrew their investments in the dealer.