Go Mobile’s profits hit all-time high under A1


Retailer’s profits up by 25 per cent last month in first month following its purchase by A1 Comms

A1 Comms has guided its recently acquired Go Mobile retail estate to its most successful month ever, according to managing director Paul Sisson.

Sisson, who acquired the 100 plus franchise-run Go Mobile retail estate from Shebang Technologies Group in June, said profits were up by 25 per cent in July – its best ever performance.

He claims the rise in trade is a result of his devotion to removing any negative stigma within the partnership programme, which resulted in a number of ugly headlines in the run-up to the Go Mobile purchase.

In the weeks leading up to the acquisition, a number of Go Mobile franchisees contacted Mobile News claiming Shebang had failed to pay rent on their shops for up to three months, which they claimed resulted in bailiffs closing down outlets.

They also claimed wages and commissions were paid up to a week late.

Shebang is also understood to have had its hardware account with supplier BrightPoint frozen.

Sisson told Mobile News he would provide franchisees with the necessary tools to be successful individually and help drive revenue for the company.

He said: “Our ownership of the Go Mobile stores has got off to a strong start. The rise in profit has been down to a better and more consistent supply of stock, bigger motivation to sell and better commercials from ourselves than they have had previously. We’re confident this progress will continue.”