ZTE smartphone sales up 300 per cent year on year


Second quarter performance makes it the fifth biggest manufacturer in shipments, and fourth by market share

ZTE is now the world’s fifth biggest handset manufacturer by unit sales, shipping 17.7 million handsets during the second quarter.

The figures, released earlier this month, show handsets sales have increased 8.6 per cent year on year.

The rise gives it a market share of 4.4 per cent, two per cent behind Apple (6.4 per cent share), Nokia (20.6 per cent) and Samsung (24.1 per cent).

ZTE, which manufactures white-label and ZTE-branded handsets, sold eight million smartphones – an increase of 300 per cent year on year. Its smartphone market share is now 5.2 per cent compared to HTC (5.7 per cent share), Nokia (6.6 per cent), Apple (16.9 per cent) and Samsung (32.6 per cent).

ZTE European marketing and business development director Chris Edwards (pictured) told Mobile News the Chinese firm has prospered by targeting the “mid-market” sector – an area he claims is “not top priority” for its rivals.

Edwards said ZTE now intends to offer a wider range of handsets to its target demographic of young adults in the high-end prepay and lower-end contract sectors.

“Our key plan in the next year is to deliver a wider range of branded handsets and our reach will expand both in terms of price and position and with better technology.

“We’re playing in a space which is nobody else’s priority sector. We’re learning and building up an understanding of what our customers like.”

ZTE’s most recent handset release was its Grand X smartphone (pictured). It launched at Phones 4U last month and went on sale at Virgin Media earlier this month.