Sony launches TV adverts to promote NFC file sharing


First in a series of TV commercials will run on Friday promoting Xperia’s ability to transfer music and images to other household devices

Sony has launched a new advertising campaign to promote how Xperia users can share music or images to other devices made by the manufacturer using NFC technology.

The campaign will launch on Friday (September 7) with a TV advertisement showing someone playing music on their Xperia and using NFC to transfer it to play out of a home stereo. There will be a second advertisement airing in October based around sharing images.

Alongside the two TV advertisements, Sony will run promotions in the press, online and in-store with its retail partners.

Sony Mobile chief marketing officer Steve Walker said: “Xperia smartphones are at the heart of Sony’s wider strategy of delivering connected entertainment experiences and a common user experience across devices.

“We have created a vibrant campaign to show the possibilities of one-touch function, whether creating, sharing or listening to content.”