Vodafone Red plans to launch with unlimited minutes and texts


Consumer and small business tariffs to come with unlimited calls, texts and up to 2GB of monthly data, with Vodafone One Net Express included in the SME offering

Vodafone will launch its ‘Red’ tariffs for consumers and small businesses tomorrow (September 7), offering unlimited calls and texts and up to 2GB of monthly data.

With Vodafone Red, new and existing Vodafone customers receive unlimited calls and texts, as well as 1GB of data, from £29 a month.

They can sign up to Red Data from £34 a month and receive the same unlimited minute and text allowances but with 2GB of data – double Vodafone’s current highest standard allowances.

Consumers can also take advantage of Data Test Drive, giving them as much data as they like for the first three months. At the end of that period, Vodafone will inform them of how much data they have used and whether the plan is best for them.

The tariffs will be available across all handsets stocked by Vodafone and be sold in all of the operator’s sales channels.

Vodafone claimed Red offers better value than O2’s On & On, Orange’s ‘The Works’ and Panther Extra and T-Mobile’s Full Monty tariff, as well as more freedom than Three’s One Plan.

Vodafone UK chief executive Guy Laurence (pictured) said: “People want to talk for as long as they like to whoever they want, whenever they want, without having to think about things like how many minutes they are using or what’s left in their call bundles. That’s why we are calling time on call charges.

“We are offering unlimited calls on all the handsets that we sell, making it simple for customers to choose what they want and easy to understand what they are getting. They can just take out their phone and call without any worries.”

Vodafone will also launch its Red Business tariff, aimed at small businesses and providing them with unlimited mobile and landline calls (beginning 01, 02 and 03), texts and up to 2GB of data.

It costs from £34.17 a month with 1GB of data, with Red Business Data offering 2GB of data for £38.33 a month. Customers will also receive a landline number through Vodafone’s unified communications product, One Net Express.

For an additional £5 a month, small business customers can also include Vodafone Data Sharer, allowing them to share their internet among multiple devices at the same time.

Vodafone enterprise director Peter Kelly said: “Talking has always been crucial to doing business and in today’s economic climate staying in touch with customers, colleagues and suppliers is more important than ever.

“That’s why we’re brining unlimited calls and our One Net Express service together in Red Business. It’s the perfect plan for small businesses: unlimited calls, texts and loads of internet, plus a virtual landline for your mobile phone so you’ll never miss a call.”