Carphone predicting smartphone boom this autumn


Retailer expecting 15 per cent of consumers to buy or upgrade to a smartphone in the next three months off the back of a number of handset launches from manufacturers

Carphone Warehouse is predicting a huge spike in first time smartphone users this autumn as a result of a number of new device launches made by manufacturers.

According to the Mintel Digital Trends Report Summer 2012, 15 per cent of UK consumers intend to buy or upgrade to a smartphone in the next three months.

Referencing the same report, Carphone Warehouse chief commercial officer Graham Stapleton (pictured) said: “It may seem hard to believe for some, but currently just 54 per cent of Brits use smartphones and there are millions of people yet to enter the market. We’re on the precipice of some highly anticipated handset launches and more and more consumers are considering purchasing smartphones than ever before.

“As the rumour mill goes into overdrive and speculation abounds online, we’re seeing a significant increase in the number of ‘first timers’ asking about and considering shifting to these types of device.

“New handset launches will affect smartphone prices across various manufacturers, making them more affordable overall. Smartphones are fast becoming the dominant form of wireless communication – the sheer number and range of products now available means that handsets are much more accessible and no longer seen as gadgets confined only to those with high disposable incomes.”

Carphone Geek Squad agent Chris Tufts also gave tips to first time smartphone users: close apps, use Wi-Fi and be aware of the number of photo uploads and downloads made to social networking sites to avoid unwanted data usage; choose a tariff wisely and to download Carphone’s free ‘Bill Angel app to help track calls, text and data usage and be alerted when approaching limits.