Avenir unveils exclusive iPhone 5 charging range


Distributor announces power cases, accessories and devices all set to be available on launch day

Avenir Telecom has announced an exclusive deal with Power Cases to distribute a range of cases with built in batteries for the new iPhone to double the battery-life of the device.

The distributor will also supply a range of cases and the phones themselves, with an allocation available for release day.

Welcoming the new device, Avenir MD Andy Tow said: “We were excited to hear about the launch of the new iPhone 5 and quite relieved that it wasn’t just called ‘The New iPhone’. The taller, slimmer version can only be an enhancement to the current iPhone portfolio.

“In terms of the battery life, Apple are saying that the iPhone 5 will be ‘the same or better’ than previous iPhones. However, we have recently signed an agreement to exclusively distribute a range of cases from Power Cases, which have built-in batteries for iPhones which are slimmer and lighter than any other we have seen and are chargeable with a mini USB plus to double the life of the phone.”