Three sees Paralympics data spike bigger than Olympics peak


Network records 3.7 times more data used on day of Ellie Simmonds world record than during Jessica Ennis’s gold medal winning performance

Three has recorded data surges of up to 3.7 times more during the Paralympics than at peak times during the Olympics.

During the session dubbed ‘Superhuman Saturday’ – when Ellie Simmonds broke her swimming world record and Sarah Storey won gold in the velodrome – more data was used on the network than at any time during the summer, and it was 3.7 times more than the Olympics ‘Super Saturday’ when Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis won their gold medals.

The network also recorded double the amount of data used during the closing ceremony of the Paralympics than during the Olympics version.

Three director of network strategy Phil Sheppard said: “To see such huge spikes in data usage across our network during the Paralympic Games really does show how inspired people were by it. We also saw significantly more people streaming media at the official Paralympic sites, which also suggests people were either trying to keep up or catch up on all the excitement of the first-ever digital Paralympic Games.”