Gusto makes UK debut with charging and audio brands


Accessories distributor to enter market in the coming weeks with new ‘Juice’ and CANS’ ranges

Newly-formed accessories distributor Gusto Telecom Solutions will launch its first two brands through high street retailers in the coming weeks.

Gusto, based in Coventry, revealed its new power and music brands ‘Juice’ and ‘CANS’ last week.

‘Juice’ products will become available in the coming weeks to coincide with the expected release of the Apple iPhone 5.

Launch products include an iPhone charger with a green cable, a BlackBerry charger with a blue cable and a universal charger with an orange cable.

Juice products will be packaged in cardboard drinks cartons (see picture above) with the strapline, “Juice for your mobile”.

The chargers will be priced from  £14.99 to £19.99 each.

The ‘CANS’ brand, which will launch in October, includes a range of over-the-ear and in-ear headset products. Prices will range from £4.99 to £199.99.

Products will be sold in baked bean can-style tins, painted white with the blue CANS logo on them and will include the strapline, “Creating A New Sound”.

Over 300 headphone samples have been sent to DJs across the country, with the aim of finding the best-quality products to sell.

Gusto MD Joe Bennett said he is in talks with high street retailers about stocking the products but could not disclose the names as Mobile News went to press.

Gusto is also working with a designer from Ralph Lauren on a range of six iPhone covers, which will launch between December and January. The cases will come pre-fitted with value add-ons such as chargers and speakers.

Bennett said: “We’re importing high-quality mobile accessories with good brands that are right for the consumer, also looking at our partners, their customers and what the demographic is.

“We’re doing things a little bit differently, and you can see that with our brand names and packaging. All our products are made to sell and we want consumers to buy them. We can get ahead of the curve here, which is something nobody else seems to be doing.”