Santok launches Android-powered mobile desk phones


Tecdesk features full access to apps and synchronisation with PC contacts and calendar 

Distributor Santok has announced the launch of Tecdesk – an Android-powered desk phone which the firm believes will take advantage of the ‘fixed wireless phone’ market.

Sitting on a desk like a traditional office phone the new device is linked to a mobile network rather than fixed line provider which, according to Santok, will mean less cabling and also one bill rather than having communications charges spilt across a number of providers.

The product launches in the UK today (September 20) and the firm has already signed deals with European operators to supply the devices.

The highest end version, the Tecdesk 5500 (pictured) has access to Android apps, full PC synchronisation for contacts and calendar, an LCD colour screen and complete conference call and transfer functionality.

A spokesperson for Tecdesk said: “There are a new breed of businesses interrogating their telecom costs and infrastructure. Fixed wireless phones fit in with the fast-changing, flexible needs common in these modern businesses.This also represents a major new category for the mobile operators, dealers and distributors to pursue a massive new revenue source at a time of total market saturation and pressure on the traditional mobile business.”