Violent clashes at iPhone 5 factory stalls production


Production of the iPhone 5 and other handsets stalled for 24 hours as Chinese factory closes amid reports of fights between staff 

Electronics firm Foxconn Technology, has had to halt production at one of its factories after a fight broke out between around 2,000 employees.

The company, which assembles iPhone 5 handsets in China, said the incident was the result of a personal row escalating into the brawl, which took place on Sunday around 11pm.

But messages on social networks said it started after factory guards beat workers.

Reports from China suggest around 40 people were taken to hospital, with three of the injured described as being in a serious condition.

The agency said around 5,000 policemen were called to bring the fight under control by 9am on Monday.

The factory, which employs around 79,000 workers and produces electronic components for cars and electrical devices, has previously attracted attention for its high suicide rate.

Foxconn are currently trying to improve working conditions at the plant, agreeing to reduce hours, protect pay and improve staff representation having experienced a number of staff suicides in recent years.

An investigation has been initiated into the most recent incident, with initial findings suggesting the fight was a clash between workers from Shandong Province and Henan Province.