Ex Caudwell man jailed 24 years for wife’s murder


Ex Caudwell sales manager faces 24 years in Turkish prison for killing his sex change wife

A former employee of John Caudwell has been jailed for 24 years in Turkey after being found guilty of murdering his 35 year old Russian wife two years ago when he discovered she had undergone a sex change operation.

Chris Collier worked for John Caudwell in the early-1990’s when the company was known as ‘Midland Communications’.

Collier joined Caudwell in 1991 as a sales manager later becoming procurement manager for the company when it employed around 50 people. He left the company in 1994 to pursue other interests in the mobile trading sector before moving to Turkey.

An ex colleague told Mobile News: “He was a very lively and dynamic person and great company to be with”.

Newspaper reports say Collier attacked his wife in their home in Kusadasi, on the Aegean coast with a hard object before smothering her.