RIM announces 2m rise in subscribers prior to Q2 results


Share price jumps five per cent as CEO Thorsten Heins announces rise in customer numbers and unveils new OS

RIM CEO and president Thorsten Heins has announced the number of BlackBerry subscribers has risen to 80 million worldwide, 2m more than in the first quarter of the year.

Speaking at its BlackBerry Jam Americas event yesterday (September 25), Heins also unveiled and demonstrated the new BlackBerry 10 platform which the firm says will be faster and more efficient than its current system.

Originally scheduled for earlier this year, BB10 will now launch in Q1 2013 and features enhanced security features, multi-language predictive text messaging and the ability to access social media content without having to open apps.

Following the announcement and demonstration of the platform at the event the share price for RIM went up five per cent after months of decline.

RIM’s second quarter results are announced tomorrow (September 27).