Samsung adds iPhone 5 to patent case against Apple


Samsung has added Apple’s latest release to a list of products it claims infringe its patents

Samsung has this week added the iPhone 5 to the list of Apple products it claims infringe its patents.

The company has amended its court case against Apple to include its latest release, claiming it infringes two standard patents and six features patents.

Its case also includes earlier iPhones, Apple laptops and desktops and Apple TV.

A spokesperson for Samsung said today that the company “have always preferred to compete in the marketplace with our innovative products, rather than in a courtroom. However, Apple continues to take aggressive legal action that will restrict market competition.”

“Under these circumstances, we have little recourse but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights.”

Apple and Samsung are taking it in turns to claim the other is infringing its patents. Apple last month added Samsung’s Galaxy III S to its list of handsets it wants banned from shops in the US.

The hearing is expected to take place in 2014.