Upgraded One X set to be released by HTC


New version features updated software, increased memory, faster processor, larger battery and enhanced camera

HTC is set to release an updated version of its flagship Android device, the One X+ featuring increased internal memory, longer battery life and, according to the manufacturer, increased levels of performance.

The manufacturer claims the new quad core processor makes it 67 per cent faster than the original, the larger battery will give six hours more calling time and the handset will contain 64GB of internal memory rather than the 32GB included in the One X.

It also includes software upgrades running off Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and new software to aid setting up the handset, HTC Get Started.

Extra camera functions and enhanced sound quality features have also been added to the device, which will be the brand’s premium Android handset running alongside the Windows Phone 8 devices it announced last month.

Retailers will be able to stock the new handset later this month with the price still to be confirmed.