4G-ready handsets go on sale through Orange and T-Mobile


Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One XL and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE now on sale through EE’s network stores and online

Three of EE’s 4G-ready handsets have gone on sale at Orange and T-Mobile stores today with the new Samsung Galaxy Note following on October 15.

Customers buying the Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE, HTC One XL and the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE before the launch of its new brand will initially have to sign a contract with either Orange or T-Mobile followed by another with EE after October 30.

EE has confirmed customers doing this will be able to switch ‘with ease’ but would not comment on tariffs that would be available with the new brand.

The 4G-ready version of the SIII is available on Orange for £41 per month – offering 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data with a £19.99 up-front charge for the phone. For the same price per month Orange 3G customers can receive unlimited calls, texts and 2GB of data with the free SIII.

T-Mobile is offering the SIII 4G for £39 up-front on its £36 plan per month offering unlimited texts, 1,200 minutes and 250MB of data, customers taking the SIII version instead will pay £20 less for the handset with 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 1.5GB of data.

Orange is offering the new HTC One XL on the same plan as the original One X but with a £19.99 up-front charge. T-Mobile offers the new HTC on its £41 a month Full Monty plan for an up-front charge of £29, with the 3G version free on the same tariff.

Neither brand sells a comparable 3G version of the Huawei handset with both offering it free from £36 per month.