Samsung Galaxy Note II available at Vodafone


Vodafone are offering the new handset, which comes with a pen, for £47 on their Red Data plan

Samsung’s new smartphone, the Galaxy Note II, is now available through Vodafone.

The android device is free with the operator’s ‘Red Data’ price plan, which costs £47 per month and includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB of mobile data and 3GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi access.

The phone comes with a ‘S-Pen’ designed to make it easier to make notes, write emails and create documents.

It runs on a 1.6GHz quad-core processor and it’s memory can be expanded to 64GBs. The phone has a 5.5 inch display screen, on which several windows can be opened simultaneously using the multi-window feature, which allows users to adjust their size.

Vodafone’s contract customers can choose to ‘test drive’ the smartphone, with three months of unlimited data usage. At the end of this period, usage will be assessed and suitable price plans suggested. Vodafone also offer to transfer customer’s data from their old handset to the Galaxy Note II on purchase.