Telcos tested on cyber security


European telecoms companies are today taking part in an exercise which will test their ability to deal with cyber security attacks

European telecoms companies are taking part in a cyber security exercise today that is designed to see how they would cope with attacks on the computer systems of major European banks and financial markets.

The simulated distributed denial of services (DDoS) is the first cyber security exercise to include experts from major financial institutions, internet service providers and local and national governments as well as telecoms companies.

DDoS campaigns involve multiple compromised systems attacking a single target.

Today’s table-top exercise was hosted by ENISA, the EU’s European Network and Information Security Agency. The agency will present the initial results of how the telecoms companies fared in the next few days, with key findings to be issued before the end of the year.

Foreign secretary William hague today indicated the UK wants to head international coordination on cyber attacks, announcing that £2 million a year will be invested in a new International Cyber Security Centre that will offer advice to other countries on how to tackle threats.