iPhone 5 production delayed as Foxconn staff walk out


Second dispute in two weeks at Apple’s contract manufacturer sees work on the iPhone 5 temporarily stopped after some 4,000 people walk out in protest against working conditions

Apple’s contract manufacturer Foxconn was forced to halt production of iPhones on Friday (October 5) after factory workers walked out in protest against working conditions.

The dispute was reported to have happened at Foxconn’s plant in Zhengzhou, Taiwan, after workers became frustrated trying to prevent scratches on the iPhone 5’s casing.

Staff walked out shortly after Foxconn had received instructions from Apple to improve the quality of the iPhone 5 after the technology firm had received a number of complaints from customers about scratches on the handset, according to China Labor Watch.

It also claimed up to 4,000 people were absent across two shifts on Friday, but have since returned to work.The Zhengzhou plant is said to employ close to 200,000 people.

However, Foxconn denied the dispute had any impact on the production of the iPhone 5.

“The incident was triggered by an emotional standoff between quality control personnel and production-line workers. After we addressed the issues, people on the (Friday) day shift resumed work, and there was basically no impact on the production lines.”

The incident is the second in the two weeks for the Taiwanese company, after a riot erupted at its plant in Taiyaun at the end of September. That involved more than 2,000 workers who smashed windows, overturned cards and burnt a police post. More than 40 people were taken to hospital as a result.