O2 raise mobile payment limit to £30


O2’s ‘Charge to Mobile’ service will allow users to pay for items worth up to £30 using their phone

O2 have today increased the maximum value of products customers can pay for using their mobile to £30.

The company say that under their ‘Charge to Mobile’ service, available later this year, price points will range £0 to £30 and go up in penny increments to offer more choice for consumers and selling opportunities for retailers.

The price points include instant credits, debits and refunds which can be credited to minus £30.

Users will also be able to pay for products and services worth up to £10 using premium texts.

Danny Barclay, Head of Interactive at O2 Media said: “Where mobile billing has been supported as an additional payment option, we have recently seen examples of merchant revenue increasing by over 200 per cent.”

“We foresee further examples of this type of increase, particularly as Internet usage through the mobile phone becomes more prevalent and we expect more and more merchants to take advantage of mobile billing in order to commercialise their goods and services.”

O2’s announcement coincides with the publication of a report by Juniper Research which found that the number of consumers purchasing physical goods remotely via their mobile handsets is expected to increase by nearly 50 per cent over the next two years.

The report also found the average size and scale of purchases paid for using mobiles would continue to rise markedly.