Phones 4u launches internet safety portal aimed at parents


Website outlines security and content control features on a variety of smartphones

Phones 4u has launched an educational web portal to help parents understand the dangers of mobile internet and outline some of the security features available on smartphones.

Following the publication of independent research on parents’ knowledge and attitudes to children’s mobile usage, commissioned by the retailer, Phones 4u has launched the resource which it says will address the 29 per cent of parents who are reportedly not using any online safety tools.

The poll of 1,500 parents found that all respondents was happy to buy their children a mobile phone but 29 per cent had no idea about the security features available. The survey also found that the vast majority (88 per cent) believed their children were honest with them about their online activities.

Phones 4u chief commercial officer Scott Hooton said: “We’re looking to address the low awareness amongst parents about the range of security tools available on phones that are being used by children, to ensure they have the information they need to help their children stay safe online.

“While our research reveals the positive news that parents have a trusting relationship with their children, it also revealed more can be done by the industry to ensure parents stay informed of the security tools that are available to them.”