O2 outage enters fourth day for ‘small number of customers’


Operator confirms no compensation will be offered as network suffers second major outage in three months

A small number of O2’s customers are still without service following Friday’s outage, as the network confirms there will be no compensation package offered.

The problem affected 10 per cent of its UK customers from midday on Friday, causing intermittent signal for all services. According to O2 the problem was fixed three and a half hours later, but there has since been a backlog of customers reconnecting the network with a small number still suffering problems on Monday morning.

All customers are expected to be reconnected by the end of Monday.

According to O2 the outage is a different problem to the one that caused a third of its customers to lose services for 24 hours in July, which led to the operator discounting the bills of affected customers and giving everyone a voucher to use in the O2 shop.

An O2 spokesperson said: “One of our network nodes, which help connect and manage traffic, experienced a partial failure on Friday morning. By lunchtime this caused a number of our customers to have difficulty connecting to our network to make calls or use data. A fix was found by 3.30pm and service was restored by late evening on Friday. A small number of customers have experienced a further delay as the backlog of network requests clears. Some customers have also had to turn their phones off and on to fully restore service, which we have seen happen over the weekend.

“While this network outage was highly regrettable, we will not be offering compensation in this case. We are genuinely sorry that a number of customers had problems with their service. We can assure all our customers that we are continually working with our supplier to improve the consistency of service they get from our network.”