O2 announces £10m database change to avoid further outages


Operator announces infrastructure investment and changes in staff job roles in wake of latest network problem

O2 is removing the Ericsson database that has been hit by two faults causing the outages both last week and in July, at a one-off cost of £10m.

In an attempt to satisfy customers that it is improving reliability it is removing the Central User Database and replacing it with a completely new ‘proven’ system. The operator added that it will also continue to spend £1.5m a day on its network infrastructure, culminating in the launch of its 4G network.

Staff working in the service experience department will have their jobs changed to make them solely dedicated to ensuring customers are experiencing as full network coverage as possible.

O2 chief operating officer Derek McManus said: “While we recognise that we have dented the confidence and trust of some of our customers, I hope this plan will demonstrate our commitment to rebuilding that trust. We will not rest until we have cemented the stability of our network and can deliver the level of service customers have come to expect of us over the last ten years.

“The continual improvement of our network and the strive for excellence in customer experience is our focus, and will be a topic that I and my colleagues will be continuing to talk about with customers over the coming weeks.”