Ofcom receives fewer than 10 complaints after latest O2 outage


The telecoms regulator received fewer than 10 complaints for the outage which affected over two million O2 customersOfcom had received fewer than 10 complaints from the two million customers affected by O2’s latest network outage as Mobile News went to press.

Around 10 per cent of O2’s 22 million customer base lost the ability to make calls, send texts and access data services on the O2 network on October 12. Some customers were still experiencing problems four days later.

But despite the negative headlines, as well as angry messages left on the operator’s Facebook and Twitter pages, Ofcom said the number of complaints it had received as of October 16 remained in single figures.

A spokesperson for the regulator added complaints for the July outage, which left around a third of the operator’s customers without signal for 24 hours, had barely hit 20 – despite widespread damning headlines.

According to O2, the outages were caused by different issues, although both were attributed to problems with handsets connecting to the network.

A spokesperson for Ofcom told Mobile News customers would have to prove O2 had broken its side of the service contract if they wished to cancel their agreement under ‘material detriment’ rules – often used when masts are switched off or prices are hiked by 10 per cent or more.

The spokesperson said: “If customers do feel like a provider has broken their terms and conditions then they may be able to claim material detriment, but they would have to have evidence that the agreement had been broken. It’s very much something we would deal with on a case-by-case basis.”

O2 has apologised for the latest outage, but has stated it will not be offering compensation as it did previously.