Smartphone and tablet ownership rockets


A survey by the Mobile Operators Association and YouGov shows smartphone ownership has doubled in less than a year

Over half (58 percent) of mobile phones in the UK are smartphones, and 20 percent of adults own a tablet, a survey has found.

The findings from the Mobile Operators Association (MOA) and YouGov also show that emailing and accessing social networks are the most popular activities for mobile phone users, with 43 percent and 40 percent using their device for each respectively.

Over a third use their phone to access maps and find directions.

The study also found that 11 percent of people have a dongle, modem stick or data card for mobile broadband usage.

It found ten per cent of people buy goods and services via a tablet, and 13 per cent do so using a mobile.

MOA executive director John Cooke said: “The speed with which people are adopting this new technology has been phenomenal. Comparing this latest data with previous research from Ofcom suggests that ownership of smartphones in the UK has increased by nearly 50 per cent and that of tablets by over 80 per cent in less than a year.

“Even more important than the figures on ownership is the way these devices are changing consumer behaviour. People are increasingly choosing to use mobile devices to access the Internet, even when they have a fixed connection available.”