Vodafone announces 4G contract buy-out plan for customers


Operator launches £4m advertising campaign offering 70 per cent contract termination discount for switching to 4G

Vodafone has announced its 4G deal for customers, allowing those buying top-end handsets to exit their existing Vodafone deals at a discounted rate and claiming their 4G signal will be better than ‘any signal available now’.

Customers who buy an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII or Galaxy Note II on the network will be able to return it to the store and upgrade their contract for the new 4G service when it becomes available. They will then have to buy out the rest of the original contract at the discounted rate of 30 per cent.

The offer to give customers the buy out discount is reliant on them having paid at least three months of their original plan before switching to the 4G service and returning the original phone in working condition.

Vodafone estimates its 4G service will be available in early 2013 and claims the 800MHz frequency  it will use allows greater coverage indoors than ‘any signal available now’, according to its website.

The promotion is being advertised in today’s national newspapers (October 26) and on billboards around the country. The campaign is believed to have cost the network around £4 million.



  1. Hi, I have been with O2 for 6 years but I want to change to Vodafone. I have 12 months left on my contract. Is there any way Vodafone will pay off my contract so I can join your team instead?

    Kind regards