Phones 4U announces Windows Phone 8 prices and exclusives


Retailer will stock exclusive colour variations of the HTC 8S, 8X, Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920 and Samsung Ativ S

Phones 4U has announced its prices for the new Windows Phone 8 range, starting with the lower-end of the HTC phones available on contracts from £20.50 a month through to the Nokia Lumia 920 on tariffs from £46 per month with a £19.99 up-front charge.

The retailer is stocking devices by Nokia, HTC and Samsung with colour exclusives on the yellow and red Nokia Lumia 920, yellow Lumia 820, yellow HTC 8X, black HTC 8S and silver Samsung Ativ S.

Nokia’s Lumia 820 is available free on contracts over £31 per month on a variety of networks, the 920 is £19.99 upfront and £46 a month on EE, the HTC 8X will be free on £31 a month tariffs with the lower-end 8S on price plans from £20.50 and the Samsung Ativ S free from £36 per month.

Phones 4U will also partner with Microsoft to promote the platform at London’s Gadget Show Live next month.