Galaxy S III tops uSwitch chart for sixth consecutive month


However price comparison site says high-profile handset launches and the emergence of Windows Phone 8 pose a serious challenge to that title in the run up to Christmas

The Samsung Galaxy S III has ranked as the UK’s most popular smartphone for October in the latest Mobile Tracker, marking its six consecutive month at the top of the list.

The monthly chart from the price comparison website is based on live searches, pre-orders and contract mobile sales.

The Apple iPhone 5 16GB black rose three places to take second spot while the Samsung Galaxy S II was the third most popular smartphone, despite being released 18 months ago in May 2011.

New entries included the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, an upgrade on the original Galaxy Note from last year, ranking sixth, with the Sony Xperia T, being promoted heavily alongside the new James Bond film Skyfall, ranking eighth.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace slipped four places to number seven, while the BlackBerry Curve 9320 and HTC Desire C disappeared from the chart altogether.

However, uSwitch said that a number of new handset launches this month, as well as the launch of the first devices to run the Windows Phone 8 OS and continued popularity of the iPhone 5, could pose a serious challenge to the Galaxy S III’s top position. telecoms expert Ernest Doku said: “The iPhone 5 has certainly grabbed the attention of consumers and has flown up the Tracker to secure second spot for October. But competitive pay monthly price points and the strong feature set of the Galaxy S III has kept Samsung’s flagship handset one step ahead.

“The real excitement ahead of Christmas is the launch of Windows Phone 8 and new offerings from Samsung, HTC and Nokia, all aiming to make an impact off the back of a huge Microsoft marketing campaign.

“It’s also hard to discount Google’s latest roll of the dice, shacking up with Korean manufacturer LG to create the fourth device in its ‘Nexus’ handsets, due out in the middle of November. It has the potential to court more than tech fans and early adopters to its charms with the right marketing campaign.

“However, O2 has placed the device at a premium ‘free at £36 per month’ price point for its exclusive launch window, a strange move given that Google is selling it unlocked for a bargain at £279 for a 16GB model. Expect to see the contract cost fall – and consumer interest rise – dramatically if and when more providers range the device.

“What is no question is that the pieces are coming into place for what will be an incredibly exciting winter for smartphone fans.”