UK firm to provide in-flight mobile service to Thai Airways


AeroMobile will install technology enabling customers to safely use their mobiles in-flight on seven Boeing aircraft in the next 12 months

In-flight mobile service provider AeroMobile has partnered with Boeing to offer the facility to Thai Airways International passengers.

From this week, passengers on the Boeing aircraft will be able to use their mobiles in-flight to call, text, email, and browse the internet.

Six more Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will have AeroMobile technology installed in the next 12 months.

Call and data charges will be determined on a per operator basis, with many choosing to base in-flight tariffs on what it would cost to roam in countries outside of Europe.

AeroMobile CEO Pal Bjordal said: “This week’s aircraft delivery marks a major step forward for AeroMobile in reducing the time to activation we offer our customers.

“Delivery of aircraft fully line-fitted saves airlines time and cost, and we hope it is only a matter of time before AeroMobile is available on all Boeing and Airbus aircraft.”

The UK-based company is jointly owned by Panasonic and Telenor.