O2 launches recycling scheme for schools


Programme designed to generate cash from unused gadgets, with the operator matching the donations from pupils, parents and teachers when they recycle

O2 has launched its ‘Recycle for schools’ scheme, designed to help schools profit from teachers, parents and pupils recycling their unwanted gadgets.

Items that can be recycled include mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, games consoles and satnavs. The scheme is open to all state and private primary and secondary schools in the UK.

O2 will pay the second hand value of the gadgets and match the finds raised (up to the value of £1,000 per school before December 31, 2012) – thereby doubling the amount of money raised for the school. O2 plans to launch a larger fund to back the scheme next year.

Schools can fundraise for projects and acquisitions that will deliver the greatest benefit to pupils, with the schools deciding how the money raised is best spent.

Each school publicises their funding targets and what the funds will be spent on via a page on the O2 Recycle for  schools website.

O2 head of sustainability Bill Eyres said: “Every single year there is a huge sum of money thrown away by consumers all over the country who simply bin unwanted gadgets.

“We hope that, with O2 Recycle for schools, people will be encouraged to realise the value of these and – because the money will be used to support a child’s education – they will be more inclined to recycle it.”