Carphone offering iPhone 5 at UK’s lowest price


Retailer makes Apple smartphone available for free on O2, with unlimited minutes and text message allowances on Vodafone and Orange plans

Carphone Warehouse is offering the Apple iPhone 5 to customers in what it claims are the cheapest available deals in Britain.

The 16GB model is free on O2 for £39 a month with 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB of data.

It costs £49 upfront on Vodafone with unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 1GB of data, for £37 a month. It is also free on Orange for £46 a month with the same allowances except for 3GB of data.

The retailer is also offering up to £250 trade-in for old iPhone models.

Carphone Warehouse chief commercial officer Graham Stapleton said: “We are committed to giving the best possible prices and have reduced the cost of these carefully selected tariffs to ensure that we’re offering something for all of our different types of customer.

“We know that iPhone owners typically consume more data than those using any other handset. In fact, iOS users average around 400mb of data per month and – as streaming, gaming and browsing on the move become increasingly popular – average smartphone data use is projected to rise to nearly 1GB per user by 2014. That’s why two of our top three deals include the large data limits of 1GB and above.

“Active smartphone users should carefully consider whether a tariff with a higher limit is right for them; remembering that a larger limit will accommodate for any increasing appetite for data and avoid any potential additional charges in the future, ultimately saving money.”