EE tells Vodafone to stop misleading 4G ads


EE say Vodafone is making promises it cannot keep in its 4G advertising campaign

EE have told Vodafone it should not tell customers it can ‘guarantee’ them 4G services as it cannot be sure it will be able to offer the service.

The company, which is the only one in the UK currently able to offer 4G, sent a letter to Vodafone today regarding an advertising campaign which details upgrade deals to the super-fast service.

The £4.5 million campaign from Vodafone set out its ‘4G phone promise’ which is that eligible customers can, once the operator launches its 4G network, exchange their 2G or 3G devices for a 4G one.

Customers are told they will be able to bring their device into a store, and have 70 per cent of their existing contract charges paid off, freeing them up to purchase a 4G contract and device.

EE argue that this is potentially misleading to customers, as Vodafone cannot guarantee they will win spectrum in the upcoming 4G auction necessary to provide the service.

It is considering making a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The terms and conditions of the 4G phone promise listed on Vodafone’s website say the offer is “subject to us having a 4G network and 4G phones, so we may have to amend these terms from time to time.”

The company said today: “The 4G phone promise is simple and transparent and reflects a genuine commitment to offering our customers an easy way to make the switch to Vodafone 4G when it’s available next year.”

Vodafone’s advertising focus will as planned now shift to Christmas deals.