Orange Digital to save £2 million through move to cloud


Orange Digital has moved its web management services to Amazon’s cloud platform to cope with increased traffic on the Orange website and save costs

Orange Digital, which manages Orange and EE’s websites, has transferred its services to Amazon’s cloud platform in a move that is expected to save the company an estimated £2 million over three years.

The company designs, develops and hosts web services for Orange, Orange World, Orange Business and manages some of EE’s digital assets.

The decision to move to Amazon Web Services was taken as online traffic for the websites was variable, resulting in an oversized infrastructure 90 per cent of the time.

Orange Digital also say traffic on the Orange site is steadily increasing to 4 billion monthly requests.

Lead enterprise architect Neil Jennings said: “We became limited by our fixed infrastructure. To scale up a physical infrastructure would present a massive upfront cost and a long time to market for deployment. So we sought alternative solutions.

“Outside of cost, we chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its ability to scale up and down quickly,” Jennings said.

He estimates moving from their existing infrastructure to AWS will reduce Orange Digital’s hosting costs by approximately £2 million over the next three years.

Lead infrastructure architect Matt Dean said: “Our infrastructure and support team has gone from nine people to four, freeing up the other five to spend their time on developing software and adding value, not just operational maintenance.”

Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services allow users to run services over the internet – or ‘in the cloud’ – rather than using hardware.