Vodafone apologises for Friday’s One Net outage


Operator restores services for all customers by the early hours of Saturday morning

Vodafone has apologised for an outage in its One Net service on Friday afternoon which left customers unable to use some services until Saturday morning.

Initially customers were unable to make any mobile calls, but according to the operator, mobile and landline services were restored by the end of the working day on Friday with voicemail and virtual landline numbers fixed overnight.

Following complaints on Twitter a statement from the operator told customers as an interim measure One Net mobile calls were being switched to the regular Vodafone mobile service with only the ability to use mobiles as a landline unavailable.

A spokesperson for the operator said: “We experienced an issue with our Vodafone One Net service on Friday. Following investigations we have resolved the issue and all services are working normally. We’d like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience.”