Vodafone launch ‘BlackBerry Freebee’ pre pay deal


Vodafone BlackBerry Freebee offers pre pay customers who top up £10 or more free BlackBerry messenger and 100MB of additional data

Vodafone has launched a new pre pay deal which will give customers who top up £10 or more free UK BlackBerry messenger and an extra 100MB of internet.

Its ‘BlackBerry Freebee’ also includes free access to BlackBerry AppWorld, once users opt in by calling a free number.

The deal lasts for 30 days and can be used with Vodafone’s Simply pre pay plan, which prices calls at 25p a minute and texts at 12p each.

The extra 100MB of data includes uploading, downloading and streaming, and the dal places no conditions on how customers use their credit.

Vodafone is now offering the BlackBerry Curve in Vivid Violet, Classic Blue and Hot Pink, priced at £120.