New prepay MVNO launched on EE


‘White Mobile’ SIM cards go on sale today, offering mobile calls in the UK for 6p per minute on EE’s network

A new mobile service offering prepay deals at a quarter of traditional phone tariffs launched today.

White Mobile, which already offers international calling cards, today put on sale mini SIM cards that will allow customers to call in the UK for free to others with the MVNO, or for 3p per minute to UK landlines and 6p per minute to UK mobiles.

Virgin Mobile currently charge 26p per minute, and O2 and Vodafone charge 25p.

Voicemail on White Mobile will be free, but costs between 10p and 26p with other operators. Texting in the UK will also be cheaper with the new service, at 5p per text compared to 12p with O2, Vodafone and Lebara.

White Mobile will use EE components T-Mobile and Orange’s network to provide the service.

It was brought to the UK by former Virgin Mobile sales and marketing chief Graeme Hutchinson.

He said: “Prices of PAYG have been going up over the years as other MVNOs try to push people towards contracts. But we believe there is still a genuine appetite for PAYG.

“Customers should not be punished for not being someone who can’t commit to a 24-month bundle.

“Anyone can price at this rate if they want to. We designed a low cost business so we can offer these prices.”

Hutchinson added that in future White Mobile will add micro SIMs to their offering, and perhaps nano SIMs.

The cards are available online and in some convenience stores alongside White Mobile calling cards.