O2 tops Ofcom customer service satisfaction poll


Operator records 76 per cent satisfaction rate while Vodafone finishes bottom of survey with 61 per cent

O2 has been rated top of a customer services satisfaction survey commissioned by Ofcom.

Of customers calling O2’s helpline 76 per cent said they were satisfied with the service they received, compared with a 67 per cent of Three and T-Mobile customers, 65 per cent for those on Orange, 64 per cent for Virgin customer services and 61 per cent for Vodafone.

GfK conducted the study for the regulator, asking a wide cross-section of customers for their feedback on dealing with the customer service helplines of all the major networks.

The study found Vodafone had the highest number of dissatisfied customers with 18 per cent reportedly unhappy with the service they received. The other 21 per cent rated their contact as ‘neutral’.

The GfK figures also revealed O2 had the smallest percentage of its customer-base contacting customer services with 18 per cent. Orange also rated 18 per cent with 20 per cent of Vodafone customers using the enquiries line. Virgin had the highest percentage using its customer services with 24 per cent of its base.

Across the networks, around a quarter of customer contact was complaints. According to the figures the most common issue varied network-to-network with 38 per cent of calls on Vodafone and 35 per cent of calls to Orange relating to billing and 27 per cent of calls to Virgin and Three about handset faults.

A statement from Ofcom said: “The main reason customers contacted their provider was to discuss changes to their package or service, with the next most common issue being poor reception or coverage.

“O2 was rated above average for overall customer service satisfaction and also scored higher than average on certain elements of its customer service, such as providing clear advice, the speed with which it handles and resolves issues, being easy to contact and for offering compensation or a goodwill gesture.

“Time taken to handle issues contributed to a small reduction in satisfaction among Orange and T-Mobile customers, while Vodafone scored lower than average for the usefulness of the advice and information provided.”