Daisy incentive to reward winning dealer with £15k grant


Airtime distributor teams up with Vodafone for ‘Pursuit of Perfection’, with the partner demonstrating the most commitment to promoting the operator’s business awarded the funds

Daisy Distribution has launched its Pursuit of Perfection incentive in partnership with Vodafone, with the winning dealer awarded a £15,000 grant to be invested back into their businesses.

New and existing partners have been invited to submit a marketing plan to demonstrate how they would achieve sustained growth of their Vodafone customer base were they to successfully win the grant.

They have been asked to provide a pre-qualification entry by December 31, followed by a formal plan on how the potential investment would be spent. The winner is then selected from a shortlist by a panel of judges before April 2013, meaning the grant can be invested in time for the new financial year.

The winner will have to demonstrate how they aim to maintain the support of their existing customers, grow their Vodafone base and outline how they plan to help more businesses find better ways of working by taking advantage of Vodafone One Net.

Partners will be assisted with a mix of resources from Daisy Distribution, from marketing support to exclusive commercials, and the opportunity to share a quarterly Partner Board with members of the Vodafone channel team.

They will be recognised across a number of metrics; new business, Vodafone One Net Express, retention and net base size and offers revenue share to partners achieving the criteria.

Daisy Distribution marketing director Julien Parven (pictured) said: “This incentive is part of Daisy Distribution’s Perfect Partner Programme, the vehicle in which we manage our entire Vodafone business.

“As it is just a part, the Pursuit of Perfection development grant is in addition to all other bonuses which are available. It is open to all our partners, whether they currently sell Vodafone or not.”