EE selling latest iPads on its 4G network


Operator begins selling Apple tablets, making them available on 4G for consumers and businesses

EE has started selling the Apple iPad Mini and iPad with Retina Display on its 4G network.

In addition, a 30 day plan with 3GB of data has a first month free before December 23. EE said this effectively means that customer can try 4G free and said that if they already have a device, then it’s effectively a SIM-only plan.

The iPad Mini (pictured right) and iPad with Retina Display (pictured left) are available on the following plans:

24 month                             Mini                       Retina
3Gb – £25.99                      £149.99                 £249.99
5Gb – £30.99                      £99.99                   £199.99
8Gb – £35.99                      £49.99                   £149.99
30 day                                   Mini                       Retina
3Gb – £15.99                      £339.99                 £449.99
5Gb – £20.99                      £339.99                 £449.99
8Gb – £25.99                      £339.99                 £449.99

The products are also available from Orange and T-Mobile on 24 plans starting from £21 a month.

EE chief marketing officer Pippa Dunn said: “To celebrate the launch on the UK’s only 4G network we will be offering customers the chance to try 4G free for a month on our EE £15.99 30 day SIM Only Plan, which comes with 5GB of data and Wi-Fi.”