EE ‘pleasantly surprised’ about 4G take up


EE has hinted sales of its 4G service are good, adding speeds since launch have been ‘reliable’

EE has said it is “very pleasantly surprised” by the take-up of its 4G services.

The operator has been criticised recently for saying it may not make public sales figures of the superfast service.

Vodafone and O2 said it was creating an unclear picture of the market.

Today at an event in Westminster, ‘finally 4G’, EE’s vice president for wholesale and M2M Marc Overton said: “We have been very pleasantly surprised by the take-up of EE.

“We have been out in the market for a month or so and we have been seeing reliably 6-8MHz speeds, in fact we’re seeing up to 30MHz but that’s at certain times of day.

“More people are ringing us to get 4G in their areas, even farmers are offering us free access to their fields.”

On whether EE will get rid of the Orange and T-Mobile brands, Overton said: “The brands finitely resonate with the UK customer, there is a lot of love there. EE on the other hand is a standalone brand.

“At the moment we are very much EE as a company and we have three brands.”