UK leads world in mobile data usage


Ofcom has found that, for the first time, mobile data use in the UK exceeds that in any other major nation including Japan and the US

UK consumers are downloading more data on their mobiles and tablets than any other major nation, Ofcom has found.

For the first time mobile data use in the UK exceeds that in Japan and the US, which were pushed into second and third place respectively.

In December 2011, the average UK mobile connection used 424 megabytes of data, compared to Japan’s 392 megabytes and the US’s 319 megabytes.

The regulator’s report also shows that the UK has one of the highest penetrations of smartphones, at 58 per cent, while 19 per cent has a tablet.

It found that one sixth (16%) of all website traffic in the UK was on a mobile, tablet or other connected device, higher than any other country in Europe. Traffic was driven by social networking sites, accessed on mobile devices by 40 per cent of UK adults and 62 per cent of 18-24 year olds – more than any other major country.