Samsung to overtake Nokia as world’s largest manufacturer


Nokia’s 14-year reign as the world’s largest mobile phone company to come to an end as Samsung takes top spot

Samsung is expected to overtake Nokia as the world’s largest mobile phone company.

Research from analytics firm IHS shows that, for the first time in 14 years, Nokia will not top the list.

The Finnish-based company’s market share will drop to 24 per cent, down from 30 per cent last year. Samsung’s share is expected to account for 29 per cent of worldwide cellphone shipments, up from 24 per cent in 2011, according to IHS.

Apple will take third place, with a market share in 2012 of 10 per cent, up from seven per cent last year.

ZTE and LG will take fourth and fifth place, with six per cent and four per cent of the market respectively.

Figures on purely smartphone shipments also place Samsung in first place, with 28 per cent in 2012. Apple follows with 20 per cent.

Regarding smartphones, IHS says Nokia will suffer the biggest decrease in market share, which is expected to fall 11 per cent from last year to five per cent in 2012.

HTC and RIM are joint fourth with five per cent of smartphone shipments.