InterDigital files patent case against Nokia, ZTE, Samsung and Huawei


Wireless technology developer InterDigital claims devices from quartet infringe its patents and that their sale in the US should be banned

InterDigital is seeking a sales ban in the US of certain wireless devices made by Huawei, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE.

The wireless technology developer filed a complaint against the mobile manufacturers with the US international trade commission, stating that certain 3G and 4G wireless devices copy core technology it invented.

The offending devices include LTE-capable mobiles, USB sticks, mobile hotspots, laptop computers and tablets.

InterDigital president of patent holding subsidiaries Lawrence F. Shay said: “Wireless technology continues to advance at tremendous speed based on the contributions that InterDigital and others have made to core connectivity technology.

“For InterDigital, that effort represents roughly one billion dollars of research and development involving hundreds of wireless engineers over decades.

“While the vast majority of our dozens of licensees recognize our contributions and choose to license our portfolio based on discussions alone, in some cases we’re forced to resort to legal action.”

As well as a sales ban, InterDigital is seeking compensation for the alleged patent infringements.