Lebara launches mobile site for UK customers


Ethnic MVNO develops its website to run on devices in response to growing number of people using the desktop version on their mobiles 

Lebara Mobile has launched a new mobile website for UK customers, enabling them to top-up directly from their device and check their account balance.

The site, which is accessible at m.lebara.co.uk, has been developed in partnership with technology and outsourcing firm Infosys. It is built on the HTML platform, making it compatible with all mobile devices.

The ethnic MVNO claimed that according to the KPCB Internet Trends update published last month, 13 per cent of all internet traffic is now generated through mobile devices and with more phones than people in the UK, it is increasingly important to provide the most convenient tools to meet a customer’s needs.

Lebara Group CEO David Moffatt (pictured) said: “In the not so distant future, checking a balance, topping-up, transferring money abroad, adding credit, or insuring a loved one via your mobile phone will be the norm. Already one in five customers is visiting lebara.co.uk via their mobile phones and we know this trend is only going to increase.

“This is why we have developed a mobile site to help customers, by offering the convenience of checking balances on the move as well as topping-up at the touch of a button.

“The M-Site is part of our wider commitment at Lebara to revolutionise the customer experience across the mobile telecoms industry. We are looking to challenge established business models, keeping pace with changing customer behaviours. Our new M-Site is just the first step on a journey that will redefine the way in which customers interact with our business and benefit from our services.”